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Kevin and David sold our existing building and located land to build our new facility. After analyzing several options, we decided to build a larger building than needed and lease a portion to a tenant allowing for future growth of our business. They provided a request for proposal for various contractors and were helpful in all aspects of the building design and construction. The actual cost of the building came in under our estimates. Benchmark also located a tenant for our vacant space to help offset the cost of the building. We are very happy with the service of Benchmark and have recently worked with them for our Memphis facility.

Chuck Trautman





Our Health Information Services division occupied 23,000sf in One Ashford Center. We hired Benchmark to help us renegotiate our lease terms giving us a competitive rental rate and an ample tenant improvement allowance to reconfigure and freshen up our space. We found David and Kevin to be very competent and knowledgeable in helping us achieve these goals. In addition we commissioned them to locate an additional 7,000sf office in North Fulton I would highly recommend this team to assist your company in your real estate needs.

John Hyatt



TEXTRON - Holding company for Cessna
Aircraft and Bell Jet Helicopter


We were in a growth mode and kept adding on to an already inefficient office configuration. Staying in our existing facility would be a considerable detriment to our growth and day to day operations. With two and a half years left on our lease and a $960,000 obligation for the balance of the term Kevin and Dave pulled a rabbit out of their hat. After being told by landlord reps that we were wasting our time Benchmark found a Landlord willing to take a look at our situation. Don’t ask me how but Kevin negotiated a deal resulting in the new landlord cutting a check for close to one million dollars to buy us out of our existing lease. We received a moving allowance and started our new lease paying the same per square foot as we were in our old space. This was an insurmountable task. Thank you Kevin and David. You guys are magicians.

Eric Sraum




We had just acquired One Source corporation with their 30,000 SF corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA. We were ready to put the space on the market for sublease when Kevin approached us with a sub-tenant in hand and helped us take a $5,000,000 liability off our balance sheet. Having done such an outstanding job we ask him to handle all our facilities in the southeastern region. He is a “rainmaker” and has become an integral part of our team.

Bob Stabile





Our office space in Atlanta was fragmented and we were looking for a solution. Benchmark subleased one of our offices and assisted us with two major expansions growing our corporate headquarters to 30,000 SF. They are great negotiators and I recommend them highly.

Colleen Adams

Senior Director




James Fitzgibbons and Benchmark Commercial Real Estate Services are simply the best real estate professionals in the commercial market. I saved one hundred thousand dollars and scored the lease of a lifetime. Truly a great experience.Richard Byrd

Richard Byrd





Benchmark bailed us out of a very tight spot. We had a deadline of three months to find new office space, execute a transaction and relocate. Our unresponsive broker dropped the ball and had us half way into the third month without executing a deal on a space we had identified. We terminated our relationship with our broker and brought Kevin and David in to perform a miracle. They found another ideal sublease space with furniture, cabling and phone system in place. They negotiated a $10.00 per square foot deal in One Glen Lake which was quoting 22.00 per square foot at that time. We executed the deal in two weeks and were moved in the following Monday. I would highly recommend this team to anyone in Atlanta.

Lynn Macilite





Our firm occupied a sublease in midtown. With the expiration date approaching we were ready to hire a broker and go out into the market. Having seen all the work that Kevin and David had done to support the FENG organization I decided to hire Benchmark to help us with our search. We were paying $15.50 per square foot in a $22.00 per square foot building at Two Midtown. With corporate image being a key issue we searched for a space throughout the “A” office buildings in midtown. The quoted rates of these properties were from $22.00 to $27.00 per square foot. They identified a sublease in the Promenade on the tenth floor with spectacular views. There was a six year term remaining. Kevin negotiated a $19.00 per square foot rate with six months free rent and a $25.00 per square foot tenant improvement allowance. They did an outstanding job and were very accessible every step of the way. Thanks Guys.

John Fitzgerald





Our Atlanta office was in the Atlanta Financial Center. We had approximately 10,000sf and were growing out of our space. We interviewed four brokerage firms to help us with our search and negotiation process. Benchmark was the only firm that exclusively represented tenants and came very highly recommended. They helped us negotiate a seven year lease at Resurgence for 12,000 square feet. After relocating we acquired another firm located in the SunTrust Plaza. In an effort to consolidate both groups Benchmark was hired to sublease the SunTrust space and negotiate a 5,000 square foot expansion in Resurgence. We were very satisfied with their efforts

Gary Brace




Our manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters were located in Clarkesville GA. Approximately 120 miles north of Atlanta. In an effort to relocate the corporate headquarters closer to the Atlanta we thought a good compromise would be the Sugarloaf area of Duluth GA. I had recently been hired as the Treasurer and had previously used Kevin and David for an office relocation of Net Schools Corporation.

Suggesting we hire Benchmark Commercial to handle our relocation, our Vice President of Sales was adamant about taking on this responsibility himself. Once he identified the location he began negotiations with the leasing agent. Having no previous experience in this area he was about to sign a deal that would cost Scovil Fasteners an additional out of pocket tenant improvement allowance in access of $40,000. In addition the landlord was asking for an excessive amount of securitization in the form of a letter of credit. After suggesting we get Benchmark involved for the third time he finally agreed. Within one week we executed a transaction with a turn key build out and half the securitization the landlord had originally asked for. Thank you Kevin and David

Bill Thurber




Our lease was coming to an end, and we were out of room. Jim Fitzgibbon listened to us, and showed us a variety of options from sub-leases to new rentals, showing us the pros and cons of both. He found us several larger properties to choose from, and negotiated a great rate with a full build-out. We were able to customize the space to fit our needs now, and for many years to come. Working with Jim at Benchmark saved us time, money and headaches, and netted us beautiful office space at a great price.

Maureen Berry , PHR